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We strive to deliver great products and customer service, hear what our customers have to say about us:

Holland Building Maintenance is a provider of advice on all manner of water related issues within the Benelux market. We rely on our partners to provide us with the best available products to help us provide the expert advice and solutions that our clients need. We have been using the water filtration products of Safe Water Product (SWP) for the last 5 years. Prior to our cooperation with SWP we tried other known and more expensive brands but without exception, the quality, longevity and price of the SWP products proved to be far superior.

In hard water areas, which we often encounter, we found that the SWP filters lasted much longer than those of the competition. (Sometimes 3 times longer) In addition, the ease with which the filters could be replaced made it the most convenient choice for our customers.

When the filters had to be replaced, the cost of the replacement filters was also a big attraction to our price conscious customers. Some of the previous products that we tried were disposable and had to be thrown away after only 31 days of use, whereas the SWP product lasted up to three times longer, depending on water quality and usage.

Our objective as a company is to provide a product that not only excels in performance, but offers a price and quality acceptable to our customers as well as an environmental advantage with less waste.

Nils de Jong - Managing Director

These highly attractive and easy-to-use filters are preferred by our network of hospitals because they give us confidence that--no matter what happens with the water--the final leg that reaches the patients is safe. The filters that reach capacity are easy to spot and change, so there’s a cost-effective safety net no matter what happens.

JD Moore - President, Legionella Water Filters USA.