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We are an internationally successful, technically innovative, water filtration company with headquarters in Belgium. Our core business is the development, production and distribution of specialist water filtration products to combat bacteria, such as Legionella, and other harmful pathogens found in water. It is our aim to establish a global distribution network covering as many countries as possible and to become one of the leading companies in our field of expertise. 

We seek new distribution partners for the American market, particularly for Canada, USA, South America and the Caribbean. We also seek distribution partners for the European market, and the Middle and Far East as well as Australia and New Zealand.

If you

  •  are currently supplying technical products or advice into the water market in the named countries, 
  •  can demonstrate a successful record of marketing and making sales of technical products to these markets,
  •  employ a sales force that can demonstrate technical equipment,
  •  can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of these markets (one or both),
  •  are looking to increase your sales,
  •  are looking for a reliable and strong partner, 

then do not hesitate to get in contact with our responsible export manager:  Contact