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Legionella Filters Video on YouTube

Monday, December 02, 2013

Safe Water Products have released their latest video on their range of inline Legionella Water Filters for taps and showers - please take a look:

Safe Water Products Announces New Range Of Legionella Filters

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Safe Water Products Legionella filters announces the release of a revolutionary system to combat the deadly Legionnaires’ disease.

Legionella FiltersThe Legionella Danger
Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease occur each year across the world causing serious illness to thousands of people. This year, the disease has caused ten deaths. The elderly and those with a history of immunodeficiency are at particular risk.

The principal source for infections is the drinking water distribution system. Large facilities such as hospitals, hotels or nursing homes are at particular risk as the bacteria can thrive in water tanks, air-conditioning units, cooling towers and hot tubs.

The Safe Water Products Legionella filters system will prevent outbreaks by filtering out harmful bacteria as the water passes through taps or showers. If the system is not being used and an outbreak occurs, filtration units can be installed to allow the facility to remain open during treatment.

The Safe Water Products Legionella filters system is an easy to fit filter that attaches to existing taps or showers. The design incorporates a simple screw on system and changeable filter that can be installed by any member of staff.

The benefits of the Safe Water Products Legionella filters include:

  • Protection against the spread of the Legionella bacteria
  • Filters can be fitted to existing taps and shower heads
  • Ease of installation
  • Continued use of water supply during an outbreak
  • Changeable filter units to save money

Filter Technology
The Safe Water Products Legionella filters system has been extensively tested and meets the international standards of the KIWA KQ Batch Inspection requirements and Industrial Microbiological Services Limited’s (IMSL) extensive product testing regime certifying that the products remove bacteria up to >Log 6 (99.9999% reduction). In addition, it achieves a >Log 3 (99.9% reduction) of waterborne Protozoan Parasites. Each filter can last for several months and is capable of handling over 3,500 litres of water.

Safe Water Products Legionella filters provide valuable protection against the deadly disease. They can be used to prevent an outbreak when fitted as standard; or can be used to contain an outbreak during the disinfection process. For further information on the Safe Water Products’ Legionella Filter system , contact or visit our website