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Inline-Safe Legionella Filters

Safe Water Products Inline-Safe Legionella Filter is a powerful and approved legionella filter to effectively stop Legionella spp. Simply connect the Inline-Safe Legionella Filter to the water supply with its standard sized 1/2 inch male/female end to ensure complete safety.

The Inline-Safe Legionella Filter is a high quality product that enables users to replace legionella filters rather than throw away a perfectly serviceable filter housing.

The costs of replacing the legionella filters are significantly less than total product replacement making the Inline-Safe Legionella Filter an excellent choice for price conscious customers.

The Inline-Safe Legionella Filter is for use in showers, under sinks or on an ice machine or other water device to ensure that bacteria free water is produced.

Technology: Hollow Fiber Membrane  

1 Product performance is dependent on incoming water conditions


2 Tested by Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd UK

Performance 1: Rated Capacity 5,000 litres
  Life Time Several months depending on water quality and usage
  Flow Rate
6 l/min at 2 bar
Compliance: Biological retention 2 bacteria log7 (IMSL)
  Mechanical effects turbidity reduction
  Material safety extraction tests
  Structural integrity hydrostatic pressure 8 bar
Operating conditions: Max. operating pressure 6 bar
  Operating temperature

Min. 0℃; Max. 40℃ 

60℃ for 30 min. during lifetime

  Replacement interval Several months depending on water quality and usage

  Chlorine exposure 100 ppm
Dimensions & Weight: Connection Storage & Handling
Overall length    130 mm To main 1/2" BSP Keep dry during storage
Overall diameter   φ58 mm
  Protect against freezing after first use
Dry weight system 90 grams
  Handle with care; don’t expose to shocks
Product Name: Product Code Packaging Sterilised by Gamma Irradiation
Inline Filter IFS (Silver)
Shower-Safe 50 pcs/box
Inline Filter IFW (White)
Shower-Safe 50 pcs/box
Hollow Fiber Membrane SS-2 Hollow Fibre Membrane 300 pcs/box


Strictly QC System: 

SWP International guarantees the product quality through rigorous testing, advanced manufacturing, meticulous design and vigorous management. With an unyielding commitment to quality and years of endeavor, all staff has sharpened their quality awareness of Zero-defect goal. We have complete procedures of Raw material inspection at supplier spot (100%), and then IQC (100%), PQC (100%), FQC (100%), Standard inspection are made before delivery at our factory. 

Limited warranty: Safe Water Products Limited represents and warrants for the warranty period of one year that its products will be free from substantial defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is subject to exclusions and limitations. For details on warranty and limitation of liability, please refer to our warranty sheet.

Disclaimer: This information and data contained in this document are based on our general experience and are believed to be correct. They are given in good faith and are intended to provide a guideline for the selection and use of our products. Since the conditions under which our products may be used are beyond our control, this information does not imply any guarantee of final product performance and we cannot accept any liability which aspect to the use of our products. The quality of our products is guaranteed under our conditions of sales. Existing industrial property rights must be observed.