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99.99999% Microbiological protection

Point-of-use Legionella Filters for Hospitals, Hotels, and other at-risk facilities


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Anti-Legionella Outbreak Protection

Protect your patients, staff and bottom-line with rapid outbreak response

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Shower, Faucet and Inline point-of-use anti-Legionella and bacteria filters for hospitals, campuses and other large-water-system buildings

Legionella Filters

Safe Water Products International is a company with many years of experience in the design of high quality water filtration with an emphasis on legionella filtration products. We are committed to providing innovative, effective, reliable, long-lasting and cost-effective products. These highly attractive and easy-to-use filters are preferred by our network of distributors because they

give confidence that no matter what, the final leg that reaches the patient/customer, is safe. The company develops its own in-house solutions and manufactures in the finest factories with a proven record of quality and consistency.


Effective Immediately, Laboratory tested and compliant to US and EU standards.

Legionella Water Filter

Legionella-Safe Shower Head & Disposable/Replaceable Filters

The Safe Water Products Shower Head & disposable/replaceable Legionella Filter has been validated using Legionella Pneumophila and is designed to remove Legionella spp. from water supplies contaminated with the bacteria. Several studies have reported outbreaks due to Legionella spp., where the mortality rate can be up to 40% or even higher for immunocompromised patients. For this high-risk group, the concentration of Legionella spp. in the water supply must remain below the detection limit. When an installation is found to be contaminated with

Legionella it is not always possible to evacuate until disinfection is carried out. With the Safe Water Products shower head and legionella filter, at least the occupants can continue to wash normally whilst the decontamination goes on around them. The filter contains a 0.01-0.15µm membrane incorporating pre-filtration which can be used routinely at temperatures of up to 60°C, while withstanding a max. temperature of 70°C for a total cumulative period of 30 minutes over the life of the filter.The filter is capable of delivering high


volume throughput over an extended period of time and is therefore a cost effective method of providing patient protection in health-care environments against Legionella spp. within a contaminated water supply.


Features & Benefits


90+ days lifespan

Depending on water quality and usage, a Shower-Safe filter can last for several months based on the frequency of showering and the clarity of source water.

Quick Look at lifespan
  • Industry leading lifespan
  • Large volume filtering capacity
  • No shelf-life or expiration date
  • Optional pre-filter for extended life
  • Amazing pressure even with low flow-rates


Replaceable Filter

Reduce costs and reduce waste with a high-quality product allowing you to replace the expended filter cartridge and keep using the rest of the product for years

How to reduce and reuse
  • Investment once in full filter unit
  • Estimate water quality and use
  • Install and monitor water flow
  • Schedule filter replacement
  • Follow replacement instructions


Log 7 Reduction

Log 7 reduction means 99.99999% bacteria is removed from the water. The filter has been determined to have the ability of preventing transfer of Legionella pneumophila beyond its enclosed hollow fiber membrane by Industrial Microbiological Services, Ltd. (IMSL).

Lab-tested Results
  • Effective as a barrier to transmission
  • More than 99.99999% reduction
  • No Legionella passed through
  • Lab simulated long term use
  • The product exceeds Log 7


Micrometer pore

The Environmental Protection Agency criterion for bacteria removal is that the membrane should filter out any bacteria 1 micron (μm) or larger. The absolute pore size of the membrane is less than one micron at roughly 0.08 μm

What does it mean?
  • Meets EPA criteria
  • Micrometer pore size
  • Smaller than all bacteria
  • Effectively filters all bacteria
  • Classifies as Ultrafiltration


Fully certified

SWP International guarantees the product quality through rigorous testing, advanced manufacturing, meticulous design and vigorous management, and warrants for the warranty period of one year that its products will be free from substantial defects in materials and workmanship.

  • ASTM
  • CE Marked
  • UKAS
  • IMSL


Invest Safely

Anti-Legionella filters are very cost effective and a great investment considering how long the filter lifespan is compared to the majority of competitor filters. This is in part due to the innovative design that produces a high-pressure feel at decreased water pressure. They simply last longer than normal.

Quick Look at benefits
  • Reusable and replaceable parts
  • Longer lasting than competition
  • Available pre-filter extends life
  • Water-saving flow-rates
  • Avoid costly shut-downs

What is Legionnaire's disease?

Legionnaire's disease is a potentially fatal pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. It is the most well-known and serious form of a group of diseases known as legionellosis.

Other similar (but usually less serious) conditions include Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead fever. At present over 42

different species are known. Infection is caused by breathing in small droplets of water contaminated by the bacteria. The disease cannot be passed from one person to another. Everyone is susceptible to infection but some people are at higher risk e.g. those over 45 years of age, smokers

and heavy drinkers, those suffering from chronic respiratory or kidney disease, and people whose immune system is impaired.


Facts on Legionella Bacteria and cause of Legionnaire's Disease

The links between legionella bacteria and domestic hot water systems can cause Legionnaire's disease.

The necessary conditions for the proliferation of the disease are created when the bacteria are in the presence of warm water systems between temperatures of 20°C-45°C. Legionella bacteria can be found in hospitals, hotels and other large buildings with complex water distribution systems and cooling towers. Once the water system is contaminated, tiny airborne drops of water (aerosols), legionella bacteria penetrates our lungs and infects us. Found in water legionella bacteria occurs naturally in lakes, watercourses and subsoil water.

There they do not constitute a hazard to people. However, in unsuitably designed water systems they may multiply rapidly and thus become a health risk.

The bacterium thrives in stagnant water at temperatures of about 40°C. At this temperature, they can multiply quickly and reach dangerous proportions. The use of our legionella filters acts as a barrier against exposure to the organisms from the water systems in the hot water circuits until the bacteria has been removed. The bigger and more complicated a water pipe system is, the greater the risk for the growth of legionella bacteria.


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We are Certified

Safe Water Products guarantees the product quality through rigorous testing, advanced manufacturing, meticulous design and vigorous management, and warrants for the warranty period of one year that its products will be free from substantial defects in materials and workmanship.